How to Shop this Year

Much like last year, for the 2021 farmers market season there are going to be some rules that we will all have to follow to ensure the safety of both the vendors and the customers.

1. It is required that you wear a mask while inside the market. 

2. There will be one entrance and one exit to reduce the chances of accidental contact.

3. We are limiting the amount people in the markets, there will be signs posted with the limit as well as someone keeping track at the entrance. 

4. New online ordering system. Find your products online, or call the vendor directly to preorder for Curbside Pick Up or to pick up at the preorder pick up booth at the entrance. 

5. There will be directional traffic through the farmer's market. As well as garbage cans to safely dispose of any used personal protective equipment.

6. We ask that you maintain physical distancing by having only 1 person at each vendor at a time, and only entering the market if there are at least 6 feet of space between you and the nearest person.

7. We have increased the space between vendors booths to allow for physical distancing

8. there will be handwash and/or hand sanitizing stations at all vendors' booths

9. No seating areas or music will be provided

10. Vendors will dispense all food and cannot use reusable shopping bags. Prepared foods will be prepacked.

11. No food sampling

12. We will be cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces regularly

13. Any vendors who are not feeling well will not attend the market. We ask that all people who are not feeling well, do not enter the market as well.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and cooperation. We are looking forward to a safe and happy market season!

Farmer Holding Corn
Home Grown Vegetables
Apples in a Crate
Organic Carrots
Vegetable Garden
Fresh Organic Vegetables